Back on the Book…

Hey, Friends! My original Facebook account (Matthew C. Goto) was disabled in February/March 2022. After dozens of attempts to regain access I never received feedback, a response or aid from Facebook… 🤦🏻‍♂️

So, six months later I’m back – but with a new account. 👋🏼

I rarely use FB (and after my recent experience don’t imagine using or relying on it very much), but I really wanted to stay connected to family and friends who I’ve lost contact with over the past six months.

Please make sure you follow me on Instagram (where I’m most active): @MatthewCGoto ✅

And follow my blog (where I don’t have to fear will one day get disabled without future access to my posts and media).

Happy (but very reluctant) to be back! 😀


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