My Top Picks

Like many of you, I do a lot of shopping online and rely on recommendations and reviews on everything I purchase. I hope that by sharing some of my favorites, you find some new favorites of your own!


Baleaf Running Shorts

These are my newest running shorts of choice. I’ve got a handful of these shorts in different colors – and at the crazy good price, you can afford to stock up. Are they short, yup… but that makes me faster, right?

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Bicycle wheel cover

I throw my bike(s) in the back of my SUV all the time, and this awesome find keeps the gears covered from getting snagged on my seats and also covers both tires from tracking in dirt/debris. And it’s quick and easy to throw on! There are more expensive options out there, but at $20, this was a killer find!

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Body Glide – Cream

To all of my distance runners and cyclists – this will be your best friend. Before IRONMAN Arizona this fall, I drove all over the Tempe/Phoenix area till I could find this cream version of Body Glide (much easier to apply than the “stick”). But now I get it delivered via Amazon and love that it’s only 1.6 oz so I can travel with it as well.

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Reusable StrawS

Sounds minor, but if you replace your single use straws with reusable straws you’re reducing the amount of single use plastic waste! Imagine the impact if everyone made this change!

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Resistance Bands

Whether you have a home gym or go to a local studio, you can 100% benefit from having your own set of resistance bands to sneak in workouts at home – or easily pack them when you’re out on the road!

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reusable water bottle

Hydroflasks (and similar style) water bottles are in trend right now – but more importantly they are good for the planet! Having your own “handy dandy” bottle is another easy way to reduce your consumption of single use plastics!

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Hoka one one shoes

I didn’t understand the hype for a shoe brand that I didn’t know how to pronounce… but I tried the Clifton 6’s out last October and I’ve only raced and trained in Hoka’s since then!

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FACE SHield for your garmin

All endurance athletes are obsessed with their stats – and live by their smart watches! If you’re going to invest in a good watch (like the Garmin 945) you need to spend the extra $ and get a face protector to keep it scratch free!

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Pelican 1510 case

If you travel with photo/video equipment like I do, you want to make sure your equipment gets to where it’s going safely and arrives in tact. The Pelican 1510 case does just that – and is small enough to count as one of your carry-on items!

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protein shakes

I love these protein shakes, especially after a long endurance workout. You can also pour these over some ice an mix in a few shots of espresso and you’re in business for the day!

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perfect bars

I’m currently obsessed with Perfect Bar protein bars… They are only refrigerated protein bars that I’m aware of and they are delicious! I love having one after a long run or as a late night snack before bed.

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nespresso shots

I love my Nespresso machine more than my dishwasher, washer and dryer combined… These are my favorite espresso shots at the moment!

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BPN Strong Greens

Like a lot of people, I know I don’t always get the nutrition my body needs to perform its best (especially when I’m on the road). Which is why I love BPN Strong Greens which helps me with my superfood intake and staying fueled even when I’m on the go! Pro-Tip: Mix this with LemonLime Gatorade!

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