Relive & Reimagine…

As I’ve said before, I take A LOT of pictures… and I have really enjoyed the time I’ve had to reorganize, reflect and relive memories through these images lately. While part of this is 100% my need to be organized – it has also helped me focus on the things I’ve had the opportunity to do, give thanks for the people I have in my life and retrace my footsteps as I’ve traveled across the country and the world.

I told myself when we went into Shelter-In-Place (SIP) that I would view it as being given more time in the day (and ultimately in our life). SIP meant that I wouldn’t be traveling, I wouldn’t be going to events and I wouldn’t be leaving my house for site-visits… so my positive spin on this was it meant more time for “Me.” And with this newly found/forced “me” time I wanted to make sure I was using the time productively to better myself. So every week I try to learn something new – and for the purpose of this blog post, I have been learning more about Photoshop and how to use its (never ending list of) tools/features.

Pair my jog down “memory-lane” with my new found love of Photoshop – and you have a recipe for a lot of late night night editing…

Now I am still a Photoshop Novice – but I am really enjoying the (YouTube) training and tutorials. And while my work is very rough, it’s been awesome to share point of views of what is and reimagine the images to what could be.

Here are some of my latest “works” – and I’m hoping that I can look back at these images in weeks to come and see improvements in my Photoshop skills – and creativity!

If any of my Photoshop savvy friends have advice, tips/tricks or shortcuts please send them my way! I’m really eager to learn and add more feathers to my editing cap!

Spending the holidays in the Smoky Mountains is something I look forward to – but I brought some of the California sunshine and greener pastures to this flashback.
It was so dark when I took this image that you couldn’t see the stunning redwoods surrounding our cabin in Redwoods National Park. But you could see a few stars… I took it upon myself just to add a few more.
I don’t think anyone likes looking at pictures of themselves… but after a while you almost forget the subject and spend more time on the layering and effects (FX) you’re applying. I love how a few clicks can pull the same image into totally new environments.
Here is the same image again – but with a mix of falling leaves and dust. Almost as if I jumped out a pile of leaves. I need to figure out better ways to crop/cut hair – but I like how my layered leaves came out with the lighter layers making the leaves appear closer than the darker leaves.
New Zealand is one of my favorite places on the planet – for the amazing relationships I’ve formed there but also because of its natural beauty. One night in Omaha, New Zealand while my friends were all inside, I spent hours taking pictures of the amazing sunset trying to capture what my eyes were seeing… I’ve always loved this original picture, but the enhanced edited version speaks truer to that exact space and time.
Under Armor trademarked “We Must Protect This House” – but instead of lifting weights or bearing arms – my version of protecting or defending is a little more… out of this world, haha.
And there are some moments in life that feel magical.. being in the right place, something happening at the right time or the chemistry of being with the right person. This image was taken by one of my best friends on a very random and adventurous days exploring San Francisco – and it was “magical.” So being able to reflect that (via lens flairs and overlays) tells the story behind the photo more than words can explain.

Again, I know I’m a novice editor and there are imperfections in my work. And I’m grateful that I have the opportunity, resources and TIME (Thanks, SIP) to get my editing to where I want it to be one day.

This is probably one of my most recent pictures – and it’s still a work in progress until I can replace the East Bay with a body of water or Westeros (pre-dragon attack).

Open and welcome any feedback and I hope everyone else is finding positive, fun and therapeutic things to do while we’re all under the SIP.

Thank you for following along!


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