Getting to know the neighborhood on two wheels! 

Today I decided to explore the neighborhood on my bike! Really wanted to familiarize myself with my surroundings and needed to get some training in (Two Birds – One Very Slow Stone). With Oceanside 70.3 being only 150 days away, I have A LOT of work to do!

Screenshot from Strava – Using this app for the first time and I’m really impressed with its ease and post workout data!


I’m always open to anything to help my Triathlon experiences easier or smoother, so a friend suggested Strava! Strava is website with an iPhone app that tracks your metrics during your workout – specific to Running & Cycling. It was super easy to understand and very accurate! I’m using the free version but already see the perks of what their paid service can bring! Love the exposure to Race/Run/Ride groups in my area and the map of your workout accompanied by turn by turn directions! It even recognized that I cut through the parking lot of Netflix (talk about detail)! Excited to use the desktop version to see more of the data it collected.

Trail approved, snapped this pic after my post ride workout (hense no helmet on the trail)

Spent most of today’s journey on the Los Gatos Trail! Not sure the exact distance of the trail since I took some detouring, but I’m guessing it’s 12-15 miles round trip. It’s 100% paved with a 15MPH limit – which is pretty understandable with the number of cyclists, dogs and walkers. This trail is really accessible and backs up to a dog park, business park, Netflix Headquarters, apartments and a lake. The trail also runs straight through Campbell Park with a playground, basketball courts and lots of grassy areas. On the way back home I stopped at the park to do some stretching and get a little upper body workout. It was cool when I started my ride so I had a long sleeve shirt and tights on – I could have survived with shorts and a tank top because the afternoon heat was much warmer than I expected. 

The Los Gatos trail takes you along a small lake (the Vasona Reservior to be specific) which was packed with ducks and geese and lined with beautiful trees! Totally a future picnic spot – I’ll def post pics of that area on my next visit!

My post workout consisted of three sets of:

-18 Inch Box/Stair Jumps 

-Push-ups with Side Kicks

-Dips on the 18 inch Stairs

-Backtuck Burpees + 4 Push-Ups

-Alternating Leg Step Ups

Red Hot Chili Peppers have been my go-to artist for working out. Sometimes it’s the music that keeps you and the intensity going!

Going to be traveling later this week and hope to capture some of my hotel workout tips and tricks uploaded! 

Def give Strava a try if you are looking for a new app! It didn’t kill my battery and event synced with the Health data from my iPhone! And if you are in the San Jose, CA area – I highly suggest hitting up the Los Gatos Trail!

If you know of any paved trails for cycling or running trails in the Bay Area – Let Me Know! Till then, 150 Days till IRONMAN Oceanside 70.3… not like I’m counting or anything! 🙂

Twitter: @MatthewCGoto


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